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We Love Bookmark.com

We prefer Bookmark.com over Wordpress most always. Use my affiliate link and save!

Are you tired of the limitations of Squarespace? Frustrated with learning how to manage your Wordpress site? Sick of paying your web designer every time you need something changed? This is why I use Bookmark.com to build websites... Bookmark is different than other web design platforms ...it uses Artificial Intelligence to build your site for you You can then edit it yourself by simply replacing images and text. Or you can simply start with one of their many templates and build from there.

As a web designer myself, what I like most about Bookmark is the ability to integrate custom code and embed practically anything you like with ease You can even add custom CSS and Javascript to your pages for greater control over your design, look and feel Bookmark makes it simple to connect to all of your social media platforms and gives you complete control over your Search Engine Optimization.


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